General James Cox Chapter Sponsored Contests
All contestants are honored at our February meeting.

American History Essay Contest

The American History Essay Contest is open to any students in Howard County who are public, private, or home-schooled students. The contest encourages students to combine research in American history and good writing skills to produce well-crafted essays of 300-1000 words. Fifth grade essays will be 300-600 words while grades sixth through eighth are limited to 600-1000. A winning essay, based on historical content and writing skill, from each grade level will advance from the local chapter to the state for consideration at that level. First through fourth place state winners of each grade will be honored at the Indiana DAR State Conference Awards Luncheon and the first place winners will advance to East Central Division for judging. Division winners will advance to the national contest. National winners will be honored at Continental Congress in Washington D.C.

“Celebrating a Century: America’s National Parks”
Grades 5, 6, 7, and 8

Topic: 2016–2017: Title: “Celebrating a Century: America’s National Parks” Topic: The National Park Service was established by Congress in 1916. The National Park Service manages approximately 84.4 million acres of national parks. Pretend you are writing a journal while visiting one of the 58 national parks. Identify its location. Discuss why and when it was established as a national park. What makes this park one of our national treasures?

Christopher Columbus Essay Contest

The Christopher Columbus Essay Contest affords high school students the opportunity to delve into the contributions of Christopher Columbus through study and research and to produce an essay. The essay should have a word count between 800 and 1,200 to qualify. The chapter winner will advance to state. The state winner will be honored at the Indiana DAR State Conference Awards Luncheon and the essay will be forwarded to the East Central Divisional contest and National if appropriate. National winners are honored at Continental Congress in Washington D.C.

“Technology’s Impact on the Voyage of Christopher Columbus”
Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12

Topic: Topic: Technological advances have greatly changed our world since the voyages of Christopher Columbus. If Christopher Columbus had just some of the technology we have today in 2016, how might this have changed his planning and carrying out of his voyages: What technological advances would have been most beneficial to Christopher Columbus?

DAR Good Citizen Award

Each of the 5 area high schools selects their candidate for DAR Good Citizen based on the student's character, scholarship, citizenship, and service. These students then write an impromptu essay on a topic provided by the DAR in the presence of a school official. The student packets, containing transcripts, letters of recommendation, the student essay, and student activities, are evaluated by non-DAR judges. The winning student becomes the Howard County DAR Good Citizen and is entered into state competition. The Good Citizen receives monetary recognition from the chapter, and the state winner receives a scholarship.

General James Cox History Award

Each high school history department is asked to choose their most outstanding history student who has not only been a good history student, but has also been involved in activities that further the love of history. Each candidate will submit a packet containing an official transcript, essay answers to select questions, and endorsement of his school. From the five candidates from the area schools, the chapter will select one student to receive a scholarship and become the Howard County DAR History Award winner.